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What is Mediation? Mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation and trial as a means to resolve legal disputes. For divorce mediation, couples meet together with Larry, who serves as a neutral, third-party who guides each spouse to identify underlying areas of concern and develop creative options so that each spouse can identify common ground to achieve an agreeable resolution for themselves and for their children.

Mediation does not provide legal advice to the spouses.
Mediation does not take sides.
Mediation does not create an attorney-client relationship with either spouse.
Mediation does not dictate what each spouse must do and must not do to resolve their marriage.

Mediation does not get you divorced. Mediation results in a mutually acceptable separation agreement signed by you and your spouse which complies with New York State law and can be the basis for your future uncontested divorce.

Successful mediation preserves a working relationship with your spouse. Maintaining open communication with your spouse directly benefits your children. You will learn to co-parent your children from separate households as a team, and not as competitors. You will save time and money through cooperation, instead of litigation and trial.

Did you Know . . .

Divorce mediation services are completely confidential and only conducted in the privacy and security of your mediator’s office. Unlike litigation, both spouses sign a confidentiality agreement before the mediation sessions begin. While the final mediation agreement signed by both spouses must be filed with the Court, you and your spouse can agree to protect the details of your financial life and financial activities from public view as part of the divorce mediation process.

There are many reasons why professionals such as doctors, accountants and lawyers, as well as business executives, small business owners, financial consultants, construction contractors and tradesmen, and others regularly seek to keep their families’ financial information confidential and private by using the divorce mediation process.

Why is mediation cost-effective?

First, you and your spouse are sharing the cost of one divorce mediator to guide you to a comprehensive agreement, instead of two divorce lawyers who must stake out positions for their clients throughout the divorce process.

  • Divorce mediation can take from five (5) to twelve (12) hours, on average, depending on the parties, their concerns, and the complexity of their finances;
  • The time to complete a mediation is totally dependent on the parties, not the mediator;
    Mediation sessions run approximately 50 minutes and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or as the parties’ schedules permit;
  • Couples only pay for each individual mediation session. Almost every divorce attorney in the State of New York, requires an initial divorce retainer up front before working on your contested divorce case. These retainers can cost each spouse $5,000 to $10,000 per attorney and often must be replenished during the divorce litigation. During mediation, you only pay for the individual sessions you need to achieve a final agreement.
  • The total cost for each mediation session is $300.00 for the first 50 minutes, with any additional time billed in 15 minute increments of $75.00. You and your spouse always control the total cost of mediation because you control the time spent in each mediation session.
  • You and your spouse can schedule a free 30 minute initial mediation consultation to learn more about the divorce mediation process.

The discussions which occur during mediation sessions remain confidential and private, and the results of individual sessions remain non-binding until a final written agreement is signed by both parties. Should mediation fail, for any reason, what is discussed between spouses during the mediation sessions will remain confidential, and will not be available for either spouse to use during a litigated divorce case.

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