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If you or a loved one was arrested or arraigned on Federal criminal charges, ensure you have a trusted guide through the Federal court system. You should expect a committed criminal defense attorney to protect you and your legal rights at every step in the process. You need a criminal lawyer who will analyze every fact, explain the law to you and provide you realistic options. We will inform you of each available defense and the weaknesses in the Government’s evidence so you are informed and understand your options.

Your first contact with a Federal Judge often occurs within hours of your arrest. Your liberty and right to remain free until your trial may be decided in a few short hours, or days, and can affect the final outcome of your criminal charges.

A “detention hearing” may be held within a few hours after your arrest or within five days of your first court appearance. If the Court delays your detention hearing, so you can obtain an attorney, then the Court will hold you in custody until the detention hearing can occur. The results of your detention hearing depend mostly upon four factors: (1) whether the Federal crime for which you were charged involved violence or narcotics; (2) the strength of the Government’s evidence against you; (3) your history and characteristics; and 4) whether you pose a danger to another person or the community if released. The best opportunity to be released from custody often depends on the lawyer standing next to you.

What crimes are most commonly charged in Federal Courts throughout the United States?

Drug crimes account for 31% of all Federal criminal defendants.

Immigration crimes account for 29% of all Federal criminal defendants.

Firearms and explosive crimes account for 21% of all Federal criminal defendants.

Property offenses account for 12% of all Federal criminal defendants.

Federal Immigration Crimes

If you or a loved one was charged with a Federal Immigration Crime and they are not a United States citizen, deportation proceedings will begin if you are found guilty of the immigration crime. Larry has represented undocumented aliens, visa-holdovers, asylum seekers, and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR’s) who were arrested and facing deportation if convicted of the charged immigration crime. We work closely with your civil immigration lawyer to pursue a final result which places you in the best possible legal position to remain in the United States.

Federal Drug Conspiracy Offenses

Federal drug conspiracy charges may result in mandatory minimum Federal prison sentences of 5, 10 or even 20 years, depending on your past criminal record. Complex legal issues arise involving illegal searches and seizures by law enforcement officers, illegal vehicle stops, violations of Miranda rights, the interception and recording of phone calls by police, the seizure of digital phones and computer records such as text messages, instant messaging, Facebook posts, Instagram and Snapchat. Your criminal lawyer must know how to identify, handle, and explain to you each of these complex issues.

Federal White Collar Crimes: Federal criminal laws provide law enforcement broad tools to investigate and prosecute businesses, business executives, and government professionals with a wide-range of claimed illegal activities which is often completely legal. The conduct investigated by law enforcement is almost always non-violent and involves financial conduct perceived by Federal agents to involve deceit, concealment, or the violation of a perceived duty or trust. Such crimes range from money laundering, mail fraud, corporate fraud, securities fraud, financial institution fraud, Medicare and healthcare fraud, and public corruption. Any defense of white collar crimes involves the collection and review of all available business and financial records for the corporation and individuals under investigation. Defending a target from law enforcement requires careful planning, outstanding organization, and a detailed analysis of all available documents. Larry Elmen has prosecuted and defended white collar crimes and is prepared to work with you now.

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